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The FIND CHILD CARE FORM at the bottom of this page should not be used at this time. PLEASE CALL RCCS at 707-869-3613 to request the names of child care programs that may have available opening(s) for your child OR  website to search for available openings.

Types of Child Care Arrangements: Important Definitions

Family Child Care Home: care offered in the home of the provider, who is often a parent. The number of children a family child care provider can care for at one time depends on the ages of the children and whether or not there is an assistant or a second provider. A family child care provider often cares for children of different ages. Family Child Care Homes are licensed by the State.

Child Care Center: a facility that can provide care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children all or part of the day. Although generally larger than family child care homes, centers may be large or small and can be operated independently or by a church or other organization. Child care centers are sometimes called "nursery schools" or "preschool programs." Child Care Centers are licensed by the State.

In-home Care:
care provided by a friend, relative, babysitter, or nanny in the child's home, full time or part time. This kind of care is not licensed, but in-home care providers can use TrustLine, ( a registry of providers who have submitted their fingerprints to the Department of Justice and have no disqualifying child abuse or criminal convictions in California.

Home Care Provider:
care provided for children from only one other family besides their own. Children go to the provider's home for care. There is no licensing for these providers. TrustLine is available to provide background information about home care providers.

TrustLine: a registry created by the California Legislature as an important tool for parents to use when selecting an in-home or home care provider for their children. All child care providers listed with TrustLine have submitted their fingerprints to the California Department of Justice and have no disqualifying criminal convictions in California. In addition, some but not all, child care providers listed with TrustLine have also received a clearance from an FBI criminal record check. For more information about TrustLine, visit, or call 1.800.822.8490 (within California) or 415.882.0234 (outside California).

Our Referral policy

River to Coast Children's Services' referral policy is based on respecting parental choice. Responsibility for selecting child care rests with each parent. RCCS assists parents in finding the widest range of available child care and offers information to help families evaluate available child care options. A River to Coast Children's Services Referral is not a recommendation or a guarantee of quality care. Parents should carefully interview and check references of potential child care providers before leaving a child in their care. For Information on all licensed family child care homes and centers call Community Care Licensing at 707.588.5026

Choosing Child Care Checklist:
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Request for Child Care Referral: PLEASE CALL RCCS FOR REFERRALS, this form does not work, call 707-869-3613 M-F, 9-5 and talk to staff OR go to Find Childcare and search. 

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