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River to Coast Children's Services believes that all families, regardless of income, race, religion, national origin or geographic location have the right to safe, nurturing child care based on an awareness of the principles of developmentally appropriate practice. We also believe that healthy, well-functioning family units are vitally important for each child, the parents, and society in general. Therefore, we offer a variety of services that, together with child care and children's activities, lead to positive growth for children and their parents.

For Families:

  • Referrals for all types of child care.
  • Assistance in paying for child care for low income parents, or those referred for a child's protective needs.
  • Information on how to choose appropriate, quality child care.
  • Comprehensive referrals to other family services in Sonoma County such as health care, dental care, food, clothing, housing and more.
  • Activities and special events for children: Kindergym in Guerneville and Forestville , activity workshops, seasonal celebrations, safety events.
  • A newsletter with information for parents and providers about community workshops, events and activities, health and safety, nutrition, parenting, children's issues, legislation and much more.
  • A low cost Child Safety Seat Program.
  • An Emergency Resources Program, providing assistance to families with young children, in the form of food, formula, diapers and other emergency supplies. Families should call ahead to check on availability of specific items.
  • A Counseling Program for children and their families

Additional Programs and Services:

  • Advocacy on behalf of children on the local, state and national levels
  • Child care statistics and related information
  • Referrals, technical assistance, classes and resources for child care providers
  • A quality enrichment program for a network of licensed Family Child Care Homes. This includes regular visits from RCCS Child Development Resource Specialists who monitor enrolled children for appropriate development and offer resources to Family Child Care Network child care providers.
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